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How to Make Paper and Pulp From Hemp

How to Make Paper and Pulp From Hemp

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Did you know they make paper and pulp from hemp? Want to know how? Then read on.

How to Make Paper and Pulp From Hemp covers the processes of using hemp to produce these products.

In this document, you will find information on preliminary production steps such as the separation of bark and wood and if storage is required drying or ensiling, pulping, bleaching, waste-water treatment, and the basic operations in paper-making.

Hemp is a non-woody, annual plant containing, two types of cellulose fibers, of which one type originates from the bark, and the other from the wood part of the stem. These fibers have different physical properties and chemical composition. The long flexible bast fiber which occurs in high proportion has long been used for textiles and ropemaking. Both fibers can be used in the preparation of pulp, paper, and probably numerous other products.

An important characteristic of the pulping of hemp compared to wood is the treatment neccessary to produce pulp is a lot milder. These and other data have raised the possibility of new approaches to pulp manufacturing that overcome the serious environmental problems created by the pulp and paper industry and of developing energy efficient processes.

The production of pulp and paper from hemp consists of various operations, which How to Make Paper and Pulp From Hemp will detail in-depth.

Essential information for anyone interested in the paper-making industry.

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