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Hemp Spinning Machine

Hemp Spinning Machine

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Hemp Spinning Machine describes an ingenious and valuable machine used for spinning hemp (and flax).

This article presents the details the invention and design of the hemp spinning machine.

Invented by Dr. Bell and Mr. Dyer, two intelligent and highly respectable gentlemen from New England.This article details the events that lead them to discover and invent this incredibly useful machine.

The machine is constructed on an entirely new principle, having no analogy to the process for the cotton, woolen, worsted, or other manufacture. The quality of yarn produced is pronounced by competent judges, to surpass other linen.

The size of the thread can be varied to any extent, from that of cambric to that of the rope yarns used in the manufacture of cordage. In the degree of velocity, its operation is limited only by the quickness of which the spindle’s fliers are capable of supporting.

Find out more about the machine that is used to spin such high quality hemp material.

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