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DMT Trip Effects

Picture yourself in a boat on a river,
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
Somebody calls you; you answer quite slowly,
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

Cellophane flowers of yellow and green,
Towering over your head.
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes,
And she’s gone…John Lennon/The Beatles 1967

Okay, so maybe this song was written while Mr. Lennon was under the influence of LSD, but the effects of that drug are very similar to DMT. They both alter the mind and produce hallucinations with especially vivid colors, concentric shapes, and other-world beings.

Tripping on DMT—What Experts Say

DMT, dimethyltryptamine, is a hallucinogenic drug that affects the mind in a variety of ways. Users of DMT go on what they call a “trip” from consciousness into a totally different state, neither conscious nor unconscious in their own opinion. Many describe DMT trips as escapes from reality or glimpses into an alternate dimension or another reality altogether.

Most experts classify a DMT trip as closely resembling a state of extreme intoxication, although this drug is relatively non-habit forming. In fact, due to the inherent dangers represented by a drug that may not cause dependency but still causes physical, mental, and emotional complications even with the first use, the FDA and DEA have agreed that it should be classified as a Schedule I drug, the highest drug classification currently available.

Long-Term and Short-Term Effects of DMT Use

Dmt TripLike any other drug, especially a Schedule I classification, there are effects both in the short run and long-term for DMT users. Some are positive and some are negative, depending strongly on how much of the drug is used, how often, and other affecting factors that can dictate how your body reacts. DMT is one of the few drugs that do not adversely interact with other drugs in most cases, even other hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD.

Deep relaxationAnxiety
Realistic-feeling dreams (hallucinations)Fear
Acute visual stimulationParanoia
Improved body imageHeart Attack
Erotic enhancementAsthma symptoms
Spiritual visionsIrregular heart beat or elevated heart beat
EuphoriaNumbness of hands or lips
Dissociation with realityBurning of the lips
Shift in perception of timeHallucinations continue for 1-2 days after drug is ingested
Hard to find, so hard to use frequentlyMuscle twitches

Remember that not everyone experiences the same thing while using DMT, and in fact the same person may not have the same experience twice. Using a different ingestion method can change the experience dramatically, such as switching from injection to smoking. Outside stimuli can also affect the trip, for instance going from a quiet and peaceful environment to adding heavy or violent styles of music or noise.

Medical Benefits of DMT Use

Unlike a lot of other recreational or illegal drugs, there are no medicinal uses for DMT at this time. This is largely due to the fact that the drug works on the brain, producing hallucinations and feelings of euphoria. Since it is described as a depersonalizing drug, it would not make a good candidate even for psychological use.

DMT is naturally released into the brain, with three increases in DMT production throughout the average person’s life span. These are:

• During development. DMT production is drastically increased at about the same time that the baby’s gender can be determined.
• During REM sleep. As we enter the deepest level of sleep, the brain produces extra DMT.
• During a near-death experience. This is also true at a person’s death. Either experience provokes an increase in DMT production in the brain.

DMT’s Dangers

Dmt ExperiencesThis drug is not addictive or habit-forming, so it produces far fewer dangers in that capacity. However, there are many inherent dangers to DMT that should be considered before trying the drug, no matter how you choose to ingest it (along with the fact that if you are caught making, selling, using, or buying DMT you could be arrested). For instance, Smoking DMT can cause your blood pressure to increase drastically for a few minutes, posing a real danger to someone with abnormally high blood pressure to start.

Another real danger comes from slipping into an unconscious state with the drug and falling, especially if you are standing or sitting near something dangerous. Imagine taking a big hit of DMT while standing up in your living room. Now look all around you and think about all of the things that you could get hurt if you fell on, such as a coffee table, marble floor, glass table, lamp, TV stand, and so on.

Since DMT can cause irritation to the throat or lungs, worse than smoking in some cases, it makes the user cough. While you are tripping, there is the small chance that you could choke to death coughing or vomiting. Many users also report feeling like they will suffocate, so if you are claustrophobic this feeling could really be intensified and lead to increased feelings of panic, anxiety, or difficulty breathing.

Method of use matters a lot too, and you tackle dangers associated with that method when you choose it. For instance, smokers risk asthma, IV-users risk needle-related problems, and so on.


Dmt ExperienceHallucinogenic drugs like DMT have been utilized for thousands of years by cultures such as Native American or South American in order to access a purely spiritual realm. These cultures used this method in order to contact spirits and nature in a unique way, and the knowledge of plants that contain even trace amounts of DMT can be found on almost any botany or drug-related website. It is not habit-forming, offering an explanation for why we do not see entire tribes wiped out due to drug dependency.

You should remember that there are both physical and psychological effects resulting from DMT use, negative and positive. There are a few dangers associated with DMT use, but most deal with the user’s environment or method of ingestion. A few relate to the scarcity of the drug, and most users classify it as a drug that has to find you, instead of being readily available like some other recreational drugs.

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