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Chemistry: The foundation from which all synthetic drugs are born and all drugs scientifically understood.

Chemistry is referred to as “the science of matter”, and is intrinsically linked with study of interactions between substances and humans.

Commonly believed to have been born out of the ancient art of alchemy, practiced by perhaps our earliest “chemists” in many parts of the world, modern chemistry is a very broad aspect of science.

Although purely intellectual, with regard to modern drug “building” and analysis, the study of chemistry helps mankind to understand interactions between various chemicals and our physical being. Predictions can be made. Results can be measured.

Modern chemisty does however, stop short of explaining more personally, and perhaps spiritually experienced phenomenon. This, perhaps is something which may never be able to be explained by science in its current state, and perhaps the most exiting aspect of narcotics as a whole.

None-the-less, a sound understanding of the chemistry behind the drugs you may be taking is essential to preventing adverse reactions, minimizing side-effects, understanding dangers and turning “the unexpected” into a possibility which can be prepared for. Physical elements of the interaction between drug, body and mind can be understood.

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