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What Is Hash?

What is HashThere is often a lot of confusion between hash oil, hash and hashish. Although the names are similar, there’s not actually any hashish in hash oil. In fact, there’s no real similarity between hash oil and hashish. Hash oil is a resinous product, made from cannabis. It contains a high level of THC, generally varying ranging from around 5% to 90%, depending on the grade. The term “hash oil” is also frequently thought to be the same as “honey oil.”

However, honey oil is actually a specific kind of hash oil. Because honey oil is made from the parts of the cannabis plant that are higher in THC content, the resulting product is also generally higher in THC content as compared to hash oil.

How is Hash Oil Used?

Traditionally, hash oil has a dark, viscous appearance. This thick oil can be used in a variety of different ways, such as consuming it orally, smoking it, or vaporizing it. Not all hash oils have the same level of potency. White oil is considered to be the most potent and highly refined product, but it is rarely found. Honey oil is considered to be the second most potent form. There are also other forms of less potent hash oil. Because hash oil is sensitive to light, it’s almost always packaged in vials made from dark-colored glass.

When hash oil is used, it can produce a relaxing and yet strong mind and body experience. For those who are not used to using hash oil, the experience can sometimes have an almost paralyzing effect. The overall effect can vary, depending on the potency of the hash oil. In the case of excellent or good grade hash oil, the potency can vary between 30% and 80% THC.

HashSmoking the oil is one of the most popular methods of usage. Although there are various ways by which the oil can be smoked, most people use a combination of a small clear plastic tube and a small metal object such as a jewelry screwdriver, pin or a straightened paper clip. The metal object is dipped into the oil then heated by holding it over a lit cigarette. When the oil melts and drops onto the end of the burning cigarette, the small plastic tube can be used to catch and inhale the smoke. Sometimes a bent spoon is also used for the purpose of smoking and inhaling hash oil.

Hash oil can also be used with a vaporization method. An old knife is often used for this process. First, the knife should be heated on the stove. The oil can then be put on the hot knife. When the oil smokes and vaporizes, it can be inhaled using a tube. Some people also put hash oil inside a marijuana cigarette or pipe, although this method can sometimes be irritating to the lungs. Many people also like to mix hash oil in with brownie batter. In most cases, about 10 grams of hash oil is used for a standard 13×7 inch pan of brownies. The oil is mixed into the brownie batter thoroughly then the brownies are simply baked and consumed. The number of brownies consumed will determine the intensity of the overall experience.

How is Hash Oil Produced?

Advantages of HashHash oil is extracted by using solvents. Butane and isopropanol are the two of the most commonly used solvents for the process of extracting hash oil. Because chemical solvents are used, there are dangers associated with the extraction process. The solvents are highly flammable, which can sometimes result in severe burns or fires. Once the liquid is separated from the plant material, the solvent is evaporated. With the solvent is gone, only the concentrated hash oil remains.

Advantages of Hash Oil

For those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes, many people fee that there can be advantages to using hash oil. Some people turn to hash oil instead of smoking marijuana, because it doesn’t involve inhaling the ash-producing fibers and tars. Hash oil is also more concentrated than marijuana, providing fewer unnecessary non-medical ingredients while maximizing the medicinal qualities of the THC content. For the person who is self-medicating with marijuana, switching to hash oil may also be a more economical choice.

Effects of Hash Oil

Effects of Hash OilSince hash oil has a higher concentration of THC, it delivers a more intense experience as compared to marijuana. It produces the same kind of sensual distortion and spacey mental effects as marijuana, but to a more advanced degree. In fact, some people who are used to smoking marijuana find the experience of taking hash oil to be too intense.

Because it is more concentrated than marijuana, it’s more likely that a person could take too much of it. If a person takes more hash oil than they can handle, it can cause delirium or even panic. However, in most cases a deep sleep will eventually occur, after which time the person will awaken groggy, but unharmed.

Controversies and Legality

In the United States, hash oil is illegal. It’s classified as a Schedule I controlled substances by Federal law, and as such it’s a crime to possess hash oil. It’s also illegal in foreign countries. In the United States, the penalty for possession or use of hash oil is similar to that of marijuana.

Although it’s an illegal substance, many people feel that it could be used to great advantage by those who wish to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Because it contains a higher concentration of THC, just a single drop or two can produce the same effect as the average marijuana cigarette.

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