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Homemade Bongs, Bowls & Vaporizers

You’ve found probably one of the largest collection of plans for homemade bongs on the net!

Learn how to make your own, fully functioning, highly efficient homemade vaporizer as well as many more homemade bowls and other utensils for smoking cannabis.

Many bongs are regarded for their style, distinct vivid colors, or customizations such as stickers, and become a personalized signature of that particular bong owner. Through design and refinement, more efficient, “harder hitting” bongs can be constructed. Some of the best bongs can become known as “one hitters”, where one hit is enough to get the average smoker high.

This category covers all methods of consumption of marijuana – cannabis and includes such topics as how to make bongs, different bong designs, pipes and cooking, vaporizers, “spotting” and much more.

Consider this collection your one stop resource for cannabis utensils and consumption information.

Homemade Bongs

As part of being a homemade device, bongs are considered relatively easy to make. Some may invest a lot of time designing their bongs, especially when the act of smoking is a vital and important part of their lives, and the utensils used should express this 'devotion'. ...

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The Art of Rolling a Joint – A How-to Guide

The Art of Rolling a Joint – A How-to Guide

Many consider joint rolling a fundamental social skill. So if you want to learn the art of rolling a joint, this is the perfect guide for you. With well-laid out instructions and diagrams, this guide offers advice and tips on joint rolling and emphasizes the importance of rolling the joint correctly and effectively. ...

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