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Ultimate Guide to Making Moonshine

Ultimate Guide to Making Moonshine

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Moonshine is an in depth guide to setting up a still and making your own moonshine.

It offers detailed instructions on the types of stills used and the various moonshine recipes, so you can have your very own still up and running in no time.

Moonshine, or untaxed liquor, derives its name from the term “moonlighter” used in England to describe the night time runners that smuggled brandy from France. After World War I, agricultural prices dropped, so during Prohibition, many American farmers turned to whiskey making to support their families.

The Appalachian Traveller’s home, Cosby, TN, is known as the “Moonshine Capital of the World”. In the 1960’s, it’s claimed that there were over 200 stills operating in Cocke County, each averaging 20 gallons a day. Liquor was run into Atlanta, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Asheville, as well as some northern cities.

The practice of  making moonshine carries on today and the Ultimate Guide to Making Moonshine is definitely the ultimate guide for any potential moonshine makers.

Inside this ultimate guide, you will find:

  • Moonshine (Corn Whiskey)
  • The Glass Type Of Homemade Still
  • The Pressure Cooker Type Home Made Still
  • The Second Way To Distill
  • Old John Barley Corn
  • Moonshine
  • Rock And Rye
  • Mountain Dew

Ultimate Guide to Making Moonshine, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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