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The Amazing Plastic Still

The Amazing Plastic Still

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Introducing a fantastic plastic still, a unique Swedish invention for those preferring home distillation of alcohol.

The Amazing Plastic Still has the following features:

Legal to own. This plastic still is legal to own in all countries. But it is not legal to use in all countries.

Easy to build. This home distillation plastic still is easy to build. It takes 15 minutes, and no welding is involved.

Needs no stove and no cooling water to distill alcohol from a mash made of sugar (sucrose) and Turbo Yeast. This amazing plastic still produces one litre (about one quart) of 35-40% very pure alcohol per day. To make it 55% you must distill twice.

Process maintains itself. No overseeing is necessary. One distills three litres (about three quarts) in 3-4 days, then the only thing to be done is to turn off or restart the still after 3-4 days.

Price to build the plastic still is low. Anyone can build this still at home.

Already have a still? This plastic still is great to pre-distill your mash. As there is no boiling involved, the alcohol produced has very little fusel oils in it, and is much more fun to distill than an ordinary mash.

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