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2cb Effects: The Psychedelic Truth

2cb Background

2cb, also known with its street names of 7th heaven, 7-up, Blue Mystic, Lucky 7 and Tripstasy, is a psychedelic drug which affects a person’s cognition and perception of reality. Its chemical makeup is 4-bromo-2, 5-dimethoxyphenethylamine and is included in the 2C family, a group of hallucinogenic drugs. 2cb usually takes the form of white powder which can be intake orally or inhaled but can also be sold as tablets or gel caps. Alexander Shulgin, an American pharmacologist and drug developer, was the man responsible for creating 2cb in 1974 as a form of therapy for psychiatric patients.

2cb Medical And Miscellaneous Uses

2cb was effective for this use because of minimal and short duration of side effects. It has also become a popular drug to induce aphrodisiac effects. Legally, a prescription from a certified health care practitioner such as doctors is needed to acquire and buy 2cb. This drug is taken in for complimentary effects to ectasy. It somehow works similar to amphetamines or psychoactive substance which positively stimulates meaning, increases neural activities of a person causing change in behavior and mental state.

2cb History

Due to its increasing use without cause for medically treating conditions, it was banned in some countries. However 2cb was only added to the lowest levels of Opium Law and Convention on Psychotropic Substances as it is not as addictive yet needs to be controlled. 2cb was then replaced by other psychedelic drugs from the same class such as the 2ci, 2ct2 and 2ct7

2cb Effects

The onset of effects of 2cb is comparatively fast in a span of 20 to 90 minutes after being ingested or smoked. It will peak after 15 to 30 minutes of ingestion or inhalation. The next stage called plateau will usually last for 2 to 3 hours which is influenced by the dosage of the drug. It may also differ whether it is taken in orally or not because inhalation is more rapid as compared to ingestion. The heightened response of the body is then taken down after 2 hours and ultimately, only aftereffects are felt in the duration of 2 to 4 hours.

Short Term Effects

Positive Effects

Positive effects are those which occur to heighten certain body reactions or activities from the normal level and those which do not harm the health and holistic well being of a person. As with all psychedelic drugs, 2cb has euphoric effects which is a purpose making it suitable for people with psychiatric conditions such as depression or mood disorders. As the dose increases, it may even incline the person to laugh more. Because of the mood change, it will increase empathic feelings and insight to others. Visual positive responses include hallucinations of objects usually of vibrant colors when eyes are open or closed or change of the actual appearance of colors. It increases brain activity due to mental stimulation which also enhances sensitivity of other senses though sight is the most affected. Touch can be felt more when 2cb is used.

Negative Effects

On the other hand, there are also negative effects from 2cb or adverse effects which could potentially pose a threat. 2cb differs greatly in that it is one of the few psychedelic drugs which can become tolerable after a few uses which makes it almost non addictive once effects start to decrease. It will also affect certain vital signs such as increase or decrease in body temperature and pulse rate causing excessive sweating and chills. The change in pulse rate may be contributed to the panic or fear inducing effects that happen on high dosages. It adds to the tension and twitching which leads to confusion, difficulty in sleeping and even nausea.

Neutral Effects

2cb also has neutral effects which are neither harmful nor helpful. After taking in 2cb, a person may lose track of time as part of losing touch with consciousness. It may also cause confusion and disorder in thought processes leading to abnormal speech. There could be feelings experienced throughout the body such as flushing, goose bumps or the course of energy running through one’s body according to user testimonies. It may also decrease one’s appetite. As far as mental effects are concerned, 2cb can only hurt one’s ego as with other psychedelics.

Physiological Effects

How a drug will affect on body will generally bear two results divided between the mind and the body. For mental effects, the behavior, reality perception and consciousness of a person is included while bodily effects will refer to temperature, visual, tactile, taste and sound perception.

Effects on Mental Processes

There are numerous reports from users which focus on vision being heightened. This effect according to a survey occurs more than half the time as compared with having hallucinations that an object or person is in front of them when it is not in fact in reality. Colors become more vibrant so much so that it even leaves “trails” when the colored object moves. It is also not rare to find geometrically patterned surfaces appear after using 2cb. In conjunction with perceiving music, visual perception becomes even more distorted. The 2cb may either cause a person to feel more positive as mood is uplifted or negative as with feelings of fear or paranoia. The latter is usually in proportion with the dose of a drug.

Effects on the Body

When it comes to one’s body, it may physically heighten everything including one’s heart rate and temperature which leads to vomiting and chills or sweating. There is also increased tactile sense which is the reason why it is an effective aphrodisiac. People have also noticed that they taste food or smell odor differently when under the effects of 2cb. These are body reactions due to the fact that 2cb will block serotonin receptors of the brain responsible for transmitting messages to and from the central and peripheral nervous system. However, unlike amphetamines, there is no decrease in serotonin levels after using 2cb making it milder and less harmful.

Dosage Effects

A unique characteristic about 2cb is that its effects are extremely based according to change on dosage. Pure 2cb is generally active in taken in by a normal sized person at a range starting from 15 to 40 mg. However, taking the drug at dosages lower than this will yield the same influences as ecstasy. On a higher dosage compared to this, it acts as the combination of LSD and ecstasy would. As an aphrodisiac, it will only take around 5 to 10 mg. In addition to this, it bears influences on the person’s behavioral characteristics similar to amphetamines which are only considered to be mild. If it goes beyond 15 mg, the libidinous trigger or increase in sexual stimulation will be switched off again as visual hallucinations begin to take place.

Long Term Effects

Only a few studies have been conducted regarding 2cb which makes it difficult to definitively state the long term effects. Additionally, it becomes tolerable to most users after a period of use. In general though, it may lead to fatigue, disorientation, anxiety, depression, visual illusions, panic attacks and personal or behavioral disorders.

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