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2C-B – Nexus – Trip Reports

2C-B – Nexus – Trip Reports

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This comprehensive collection of 2c-B- Nexus trip reports illustrates the effects of 2C-B taken in varying amounts.

2C-B… is a tool… which ties the mental processes directly and constructively into the physical soma.

The analgesic effects experienced with many, if not most, psychedelic drugs, are not present with 2C-B. On the contrary, there is increased body awareness of every kind, including skin sensitivity, heightened responsiveness to smells, tastes, and sexual stimulation.

One experiences increased consciousness of physical health and energy, or, on the other hand, sharpened awareness of any body imbalance or discomfort.

2C-B allows for rich visual imagery and intesnse eyes-closed fantasy without the cluttering up of the mental field with too much elaboration… It is a superb tool for learning and growth.

The 2C-B – Nexus – Trip Reports includes background information on:

  • Mood
  • Setting
  • Dosage
  • Method of ingestion
  • A breakdown of major sensations and effects as well as intermittent reports on intensity through to the comedown and after effects

2C-B – Nexus – Trip Reports, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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